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Please help us to return wrongfully retained children to their left behind parents!


Every year 10 million children are being kidnapped around the world.


But even more frightening is the fact that the majority of Governments around the world are either unable or unwilling to deal with this serious global problem. 


The International Criminal Court Against Child Kidnapping (ICCACK) is an international NGO fighting to stop parental child kidnappers and corrupt Government officials involved in parental child kidnapping, enforcing punishment for their devastating crimes.


When a child is kidnapped (by one of the parents) it ruins the lives of families — especially the life of the abducted child and the ”left behind” parent. And it happens much more often than you would think.


Our work includes enforcing international laws and treaties created to protect children and their families from the life ruining experience that parental child kidnapping causes every day.


We help wrongfully retained children and their ”left behind” parents when they are the most vulnerable. When their child disappears it puts the parent who has been ”left behind” in the worst thinkable position for any parent, having the most beloved part of their life ripped away.


The long term psychological damages and emotional trauma an abducted child suffers after the dramatic kidnapping experience by one of his own parents can only be limited by swift actions. It is for the sake of these wrongfully retained children that ICCACK fights against prolonged court processes that allows for the child to be abducted by none of the child’s parents for an extended periods of time.


When a child is kidnapped she or he is often brought to a foreign country they don’t know. Where they don’t understand the language. This adds to the emotional stress the child is already suffering by being taken away from their loved ones.


We work everyday to hold parental child kidnappers, corrupt Governments and public officials accountable for aiding parental child kidnappers and becoming COMPLICIT in their crimes.


196 countries have signed the United Nations Convention on the Protection of the Rights of the Child and  laws that are supposed to keep children safe. But more often than anyone would like to think, parental child kidnappers are allowed to continue ruining families, and they do so with the help of corrupt public officials and corruption in the very same courts and legal systems that are supposed to prevent these crimes.


Parental Child Kidnapping has become a ”profitable multi-Billion Dollar Industry” that corrupt judges, attorneys, guardians, social workers, CPS caseworkers, visit supervisors and visitation centres can exploit for their own greed at the expense of the lives they destroy. The victims of this corruption are often very young, wrongfully retained children and their ”left behind” parents.


These ”left behind” parents become helpless and often completely in the dark about the whereabouts and fate of their wrongfully retained children. This makes it almost impossible to fight against unlawful and unconstitutional court rulings.


However, ICCACK offer’s international legal assistance and combined legal strategies, including return court orders, to help left behind parents be re-united with their wrongfully retained children as fast as possible. 


If you think it cannot happen in your country, we urge you to look up the statistics. Half of all kidnapped children are abducted by family members and 80% the remaining kidnapped children are abducted less than a quarter mile from their home.


Please support our cause to prevent parental child kidnapping, to bring home abducted children safely by making a donation following the links below. With your help we can make the world a safer place for children and hold all perpetrators and ”bad actors” accountable for their crimes.


You can also send us your comments and feedback on our website:

Thank you for watching and Thank you for supporting our important work to protect wrongfully retained children, return these children to their "left behind" parents and hold all perpetrators accountable. 

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