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THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT AGAINST CHILD KIDNAPPING (ICCACK), is a not-for-profit private court, incorporated under the laws of The Netherlands and headquartered at Schenkkade 50, The Hague – 2595 AR, The Netherlands, registered in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in The Hague under No. 71166505.

ICCACK is promoting universal respect and compliance with legislation and international conventions in the field of international child abductions, including but not limited to:

  1. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights;

  2. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child;

  3. The European Convention on the recognition and enforcement of decisions on custody of children and on the restoration of custody of children;

  4. The Hague Child Abduction Convention;

  5. The European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (ECHR);

  6. The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court;

  7. The United Nations Committee on Enforced Disappearances;

  8. The International Convention for the protection of persons from enforced disappearance (ICPPED) of the United Nations;


as well as any other relevant international convention on the protection and enforcement of the rights of children.

ICCACK promotes transparency, accountability, and integrity in government and fidelity to the rule of law. As part of its mission, ICCACK regularly exposes family court judges who did not follow the rule of law by keeping wrongfully retained children unlawfully within their “jurisdiction”.


ICCACK analyzes these parental child kidnapping court cases and disseminates its findings and the violations of law by an officer of the court to the public to inform them about “what their government is up to.”

  • ICCACK is further combating (impending) international child abduction and promoting the return of the kidnapped child to his normal residence;

  • ICCACK is providing (legal) assistance to victims of international child abduction;

  • ICCACK holds responsible and (to) prosecute child abductors and their accomplices as well as those authorities that frustrate the legal process;

  • In cases of extreme Human Rights Violations by Government Officials, Enforced Disappearance of children by Government Officials and/or violations of International Laws and Treaties, were judges are evidently aiding and abetting a parental child kidnapper in a foreign country and violating the United Nations Convention for the Protection of the Child, violating the UN Human Rights Convention, violating the Hague Convention for the wrongful retention of your child, the International Criminal Court against Child Kidnapping will issue an international enforceable  court order for the immediate return of the wrongfully retained child;


  • This court takes up cases that are referred to it by the Security council of the UN or from the appeals made by the parties that did not get proper justice in the courts of law in their country. 196 Nations from around the world (except USA) have signed the UN CONVENTION FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILD, to comply with the decision of this court and in cases of violation of child and human rights, the verdict of this Court is held as the highest verdict. The court enjoys a reputation for its untiring work in protecting the rights of the child around the world;



If you and your children have been mistreated by corrupt Government Officials, its time to enforce and restore your human rights. Our Tort Claim Remedies combined with other legal strategies as well as the enforcement of International Treaties and Conventions are powerful legal tools how you and your children can fight back. We only act in your child’s best interest, and make this always our highest priority to restore their human rights, reunite you with your children by enforcing International Laws and Treaties to hold all "bad actors" accountable under International Tort law!

If your Human rights or the rights of your children have been violated, and you would like to file a Tort Claim for monetary damages, please talk to us to enforce your and your children's human rights and hold the perpetrators accountable!

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